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Tunable White Applications

Tunable white lighting has captivated the attention of architects, interior designers, lighting specifiers and facility managers. Tunable white or dynamic lighting enables the concept of Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Light is part of our environment and we associate different tones and intensities of light with different functions, time of day and energy levels. HCL acknowledges that human beings respond differently to varying light specifications such as CCT of white light, the illuminance level and the time of day. In every lighting market segment - hospitality, retail, education, commercial and healthcare - there are applications that could use tunable white lighting to meet the needs of the end user.

Dynamic Lighting Styles

Warmer white lighting at lower CCTs is known to be comforting and good for general activities. Cool or neutral lighting at higher CCTs is regarded as more conducive to higher productivity, alertness and concentration. Tunable white LuxiTune with intuitive controls allows luminaire designers to realize many versatile light fixtures. For dynamic CCT tuning lighting applications, browse our Tunable White products.

In hospitality, retail and entertainment venues, a 1800K warm glow provides the right atmosphere for mood setting and relaxation. A bright warm 3000K light is more suitable for functional tasks. Both are supported by the LuxiTune light engine in the warm dimming mode. For dynamic warm dimming lighting applications, browse our Tunable White products.

Fixed CCT White Applications

Fixed CCT white lights are either warm or cool. Retail and experiential interior environments like galleries and museums demand high quality light and illumination. Gallery White, a high CRI warm white, is the answer for these discerning environments, providing the ability to highlight specific items and features with ultimate color stability and control. In industrial and commercial applications that require a cool white light, we provide high intensity sources with the excellent thermal performance of the Luxigen platform.

Fixed CCT White Styles

For Commercial and Industrial general lighting applications, browse our Cool White emitter products.

Entertainment Lighting Applications

No one powers a performance like our LuxiGen products. When high-intensity, tunable light for stage or studio is required, LuxiGen delivers. With ultimate flexibility in light beam quality and control. we can provide the ultimate viewing experience for fans- all delivered in a package that delivers more light to the source that is specifically tuned for skin tones and textiles color rendering. Whether you're highlighting that guitar solo or creating an experience through color, LuxiGen is the best stagehand you can hire.

Entertainment Lighting Styles

For Moving Heads applications, browse our multi-colored LZC Series or our LZ4 Series.

For Accent Lighting applications, browse our multi-colored LZC Series and our LZ4 Series models.

Analytical Curing Applications

The Analytical and Curing Industries require the ultimate in high flux density, extreme reliability and tunable wavelength options. LuxiGen offers more than three times the lux-on-target over the industry standard resulting in a 10x savings in curing and processing times. All of this is available in a robust package and is designed for the rigors of high temperature sterilization - making LuxiGen an ideal solution for low voltage hand held curing designs.

Analytical & Curing Styles

Led Engin offers a full range of Ultraviolet and Violet emitters for superior high power performance and power densities that provide significant savings in curing and processing times. Shop our 365nm UV and 400nm Violet emitters in a range of package sizes. LZ1 (1-die), LZ4 (4-die), LZC (12-die), LZP (24 die). Browse Emitters and Lenses

For Dental Curing applications browse our LZ1 Dental Blue or LZ4 Dental Blue and LZ4 Dental 3+1 models.

For Spectral Analysis applications browse our full range of direct and indirect specialty colors in all package sizes. Browse Emitters and Lenses

Horticulture/Specialty Applications

The LuxiGen platform is highly flexible which makes it ideally suited for addressing the needs of specialized lighting industries such as horticulture, medical and food illumination. With extreme moisture resistance and a full range of wavelengths to meet the market needs - including the ability to mix with a single package, LuxiGen solutions are well suited for greenhouse and other industrial environments.

Horticulture/Specialty Styles

For Grow Light applications, browse our range of specialty wavelengths - Red, Deep and Far Red, Blue in both our LZ1-Series and LZ4-Series

For Machine Vision applications, browse our full range of direct colors, specialty colors, white and UV in all package sizes. Browse Emitters and Lenses