Led Engin

April 2009

April 13, 2009

On Target: LuxDot™ MR16 Replacement Lamp breaks 35W halogen performance barrier

— New, high-brightness LED lamp delivers a smooth, superior-quality light beam to a target area, with 80-percent-reduced power consumption and over 10 times the service life of a 35-watt halogen

LuxDot offers the quality and quantity of light ideal for spot, accent, track and down lighting applications in a narrow flood beam pattern. It is plug-and-play compatible with standard MR16 based fixtures and provides uncompromising fit, form and performance compared to 35W halogen MR16 lamps. Museums, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and many other venues will benefit from incorporating LuxDot into their directional lighting installations.

"LuxDot responds to the priorities of the lighting community because it maximizes usable light in addition to addressing energy efficiency demands," said Leonard Livschitz, vice president of marketing and business development, LedEngin, Inc. "It's designed with emphasis on delivering targeted, quality light which we call 'Lux on Target™'. Superior performance combined with LuxDot's uncompromising fit into the MR16 format will bring LED MR16 lamps into the forefront for lighting specification."

LuxDot meshes precision optical, electrical and thermal management design to make LED MR16 replacements the obvious choice for lighting designers. To order LuxDot products, please contact LedEngin directly at sales@ledengin.com or visit www.luxdot.net for more information.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum "Lux on Target"
    • Highest flux density of LED solutions
    • Homogeneous distribution of light in beam
    • Equivalent to 35W halogen MR16 lamp
  • Excellent color rendering
    • True color product > 80 CRI Warm White
    • Warm White Color Temperatures (CCT) of 2900 K and 3100 K
  • Standard form factor
    • True IEC 60630:2002 profile
    • Compatible with standard MR16 GU5.3 bi-pin fixtures
  • Compatible with most electronic and magnetic transformers
    • 12v AC/DC
    • Power factor > 0.9
    • Dimmable
  • Reduced operating costs
    • 80% reduction in power consumption significantly lowers operating costs
    • 50,000 hours service life; over 10x greater than conventional 35-watt halogen floods
    • Pay back in less than 9 months
  • RoHS compliant