Led Engin

December 2009

December 14, 2009

Thousands of colors; Millions of possibilities: LedEngin brings colored lighting to the next level with introduction of 40W RGB, RGBA and RGBW LED emitters, 10W RGBW LED and family of lenses

Santa Clara, CA, December 14, 2009 - LedEngin, Inc., an innovator of solid-state lighting specializing in high brightness LEDs, continues to lead the market with ultra-bright, ultra-compact, ultra-reliable LED emitters with its newest RGB, RGBA and RGBW emitters in a compact 40W package. This 9mm x 9mm LED provides a brilliance of colors across the entire color spectrum with outstanding color mixing and uncompromising performance. The ability to configure multiple red, green and blue high-brightness die within a very small area creates a superior, flexible, dynamic colored lighting source for architectural, decorative and entertainment lighting applications. The addition of amber enriches the quality of the color further expanding the color gamut and maximizes color rendering while RGBW LEDs provide tunable white and softer pastels.

Taking this color performance further, LedEngin has designed 15°, 24° and 35° highly efficient color mixing lenses that, when combined with the 40W LED, produce perfect color uniformity across the beam without sacrificing the light intensity.

"LedEngin has solved one of the major lighting challenges of architects and lighting designers by providing beautiful colors across the full color gamut with perfect color mixing," says Leonard Livschitz, VP of Marketing and Business Development. "We are able to do this with superior color uniformity across the beam and without compromising on the brilliance of the light. The addition of white enables the softer color tones desired by architectural lighting designers."

In addition, LedEngin expands its 10W multi-color offering with the new RGBW LED and introduces a family of lenses to enable excellent color mixing with the existing line of 10W RGB and RGBA LEDs. LedEngin's entire family of single and multi-color LEDs and lenses are available today.

December 07, 2009

LedEngin, Inc. Launches LED LuxPAR™ Product Family with Immediate Availability of PAR38 Lamps

LuxPAR PAR38 Delivers Lux on Target™ and Industry's Widest Dimming Range for Commercial and Retail Downlighting Applications

Santa Clara, CA, December 07, 2009 - LedEngin, Inc., a leading innovator in high performance LED lighting technology for commercial buildings, LEED construction, restaurants, casinos and museums, today announced the launch of its LuxPAR family of LED lighting products and immediate availability of the first product, PAR38. LedEngin will also offer PAR20 and PAR30 lamps worldwide in Q1 2010. The company's PAR38 lamp represents the industry's first truly dimmable LED lamp with smooth dimming to 1% light levels, and features LedEngin proprietary LEDs and optical designs that deliver highest lux, superior light quality and longevity for measurable energy reduction and cost savings as compared with halogen and metal halide lamps. LuxPAR products will be offered in multiple color temperatures and spot, narrow flood and flood beam distributions.

"As stated in our June 2009 Strategies Unlimited report LED Replacement Lamps Market Analysis and Forecast, reflector (PAR and R) lamps are the fastest-growing segment of LED lamps, with a projected growth rate of nearly 200% between 2010 and 2013," said Robert V. Steele, principal, Strategies Unlimited. "Businesses currently using 75 and 90 watt halogen and metal halide lamps - the most widely-used lamps in commercial buildings - will increasingly relamp to LED PAR and R lamps, for significant cost and carbon footprint reduction, while achieving better light quality and vastly longer lamp life."

"LedEngin's new LuxPAR family of lamps satisfies pent-up market demand for LED PAR lamps that deliver Lux on Target with superior levels of light quality, visual comfort, color rendering and energy efficiency," said David Tahmassebi, CEO, LedEngin, Inc. "With highest brightness within the beam angle, full range of dimming, multiple color temperature options, and three beam distributions, LuxPAR PAR38 is the first true replacement for dimmable halogen and metal halide lamps."

"After testing LedEngin's new PAR38 lamps we are recommending that our hotel, large retail and U.S. chain restaurant customers immediately replace their halogen and metal halide PAR lamps with LuxPAR PAR38 lamps to achieve the light and color uniformity, glare reduction and dimming capability their businesses demand," said Chris Roemlein, president, Spectrum Lighting.

Availability, Comparison, Warranty
LedEngin PAR38 lamps are available immediately; LuxPAR20 and PAR30 lamps will be available worldwide Q1 2010 through LedEngin and its distributors.

LedEngin LuxPAR38 lamps deliver:

  • Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) of 4,500 cd in narrow flood beam option and 6750 cd in spot beam. For additional beam and color options visit www.luxpar.net
  • Superior light intensity and color uniformity throughout beam.
  • 80% energy reduction as compared with 75 and 90W halogen lamps.
  • Life expectancy: 25,000 - 35,000 hours; ROI per 75W replacement in 1 year.
  • EnergyStar® compliant at 45 lumens/W.
  • Minimal glare for greater visual comfort in commercial and retail settings; zero UV light for preservation/museum settings.
  • Three year limited warranty.