Led Engin

January 2012

    January 30, 2012

LED Engin's new connector boards enable faster,
easier assembly of solid state lighting fixtures

San Jose, CA: January 30, 2012 : LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, announces a family of metal-core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs) with integral connectors that eliminate soldering during the assembly of LED fixtures. The poke-home connectors, which accept 18-24 AWG wires, offer quick, solderless assembly of fixtures and can eliminate the need for OEMs to use sub-contractors because the work can be taken in-house.

The boards utilize a common 50mm footprint for both the LuxiGen LZC 12 die and LZP 24 die series of high flux density emitters, helping OEMs to standardize fixture designs around a single form factor. The low thermal resistance MCPCBs mean that heat is effectively conducted away from the LEDs, so that the emitters can be driven up to 1000mA / die to maximize flux density without adversely affecting operating life or reliability. The boards feature mounting holes for LuxiGen TIR lens-holder legs for easy integration with secondary optics. There are mounting-screw cutouts to facilitate easy attachment of a heatsink, further simplifying the assembly process. The boards include one connector for the LED and one for an on-board thermistor to be used with common constant current sources with thermal feedback option. Materials and components are selected to meet UL requirements.

Feature Summary:

# die MCPCB Thermal
LZC series 12 0.6 °C/W 40W 24V / 48V yes
LZP series 24 0.1 °C/W 80W 24V / 48V yes