Led Engin

September 2012

September 24, 2012

LED Engin wins e-Legacy Award for
innovative and environmental advances in lighting

San Jose, CA, USA: September 24, 2012: LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, has won the 'Advances in Lighting' category of Electronic Product Design magazine's annual e-Legacy Awards. The competition winners were announced at a gala awards ceremony held in London earlier this month.

The prize was specifically awarded for the company's ViviLux™ family of high-efficiency, high CRI, compact, single LED emitters which, combined with secondary total internal reflection (TIR) lenses, produce up to twice the center-beam lux of array-based LEDs with reflectors. This means that, for a given level of lighting intensity on a target area, only half the energy is required. LED fixtures based on the company's LuxiGen platform are found in entertainment lighting and commercial applications including retail stores and hotels, where well-controlled levels of directional light are needed.

Now in their sixth year, the e-Legacy awards have grown rapidly in terms of the number of entries, number of votes and its overall standing in the world of electronics. The awards have become synonymous with recognizing electronic design that saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions, or contributes to the common good of society through other aspects of a company's operations or products.

The 'Advances in Lighting' category specifically recognises energy-saving electronic design in solid-state lighting. A judging panel comprising representatives from the award sponsors, industry experts and Electronic Product Design's editorial team selected the finalists. The winners were chosen via a public online vote.

"The e-Legacy Awards newly-introduced 'Advances In Lighting' award was the most fiercely contested aspect of the competition this year which makes LED Engin's achievement all the more impressive. The company is a deserving winner and we look forward to seeing more of their innovations in the year ahead," said Alistair Winning, Editor of EPD magazine."

    September 5, 2012

LED Engin to demonstrate how to significantly
reduce the size of entertainment lighting fixtures
while boosting performance, control and reliability

San Jose, CA, USA: September 5, 2012: LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, will be demonstrating emitters and LED modules that enable the size of entertainment lighting products to be significantly reduced on Stand 2-S11 at the PLASA 2012 exhibition, 9-12th September, Earls Court, London, UK.

The company's LuxiGen platform of white and multi-colour compact emitters generate the high luminous flux density demanded in entertainment lighting, particularly for spot beams, distance lighting effects and in dynamic lighting scenarios. Patented thermal management technology allows the LED die to be driven to higher current levels and in a denser configuration than industry standards, without adversely affecting operating life. LED emitters are up to 80% more efficient than traditional tungsten lighting and this combination of features in LED Engin products enables lighting fixture designers to at least halve the size of their products, and in some cases reduce the size by an order of magnitude. The other benefits provided by LED Engin's emitters are very high lux-on-target, precise beam control and effective 'in-source' colour mixing within the primary lenses of the emitters. Beams can be tightly focused (down to 8 degrees) using Total Internal Reflection (TIR) secondary lenses that also minimize unwanted glare, and individual dies within each emitter can be driven with different current levels to provide accurate, flexible colour control. The compact emitters also enable zoom lenses to be used and these will be demonstrated for the first time at the show.

Further advantages of LED lighting are consistency of performance over the operating life of the fixtures and very high reliability. LED emitters radiate much less heat than tungsten lamps in the beam and the typical operating life is over 50,000 hours.

Entertainment lighting products that employ LED Engin emitters will be on display on the LED Engin stand and throughout the PLASA show. These include tunable colour spots from Anolis, full colour wall washes from SGM and GDS Liteware and stage lighting from Showtec.

LED Engin's European Manager, Gerrit-Willem Prins, comments, "The stage and studio lighting industry has embraced LED Engin's products with enthusiasm over the last two years. Lighting manufacturers have realised the significant benefits offered by compact LED emitters and our technology is now able to deliver the widest possible choice of colours, beam widths and lumen intensity from lighting fixtures. In addition, the individually addressable die enable lighting designers to use flexible control technology to make their original, creative dreams become reality."