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Introducing Gallery White

Gallery White emitters feature warm white light with an exceptional color rendering index of 98, as well as impressive individual R values (R1-15) in industry's smallest footprint. The emitters enable accurate color representation and enhance the contrast of retail merchandise, artwork and skin tones, which cannot be obtained with standard warm white emitters. LED Engin offers Gallery White emitters in a range of package sizes for different power ratings from 10W to 80W, delivering between 500 and 3450 lumens output at 1000mA.


  • Gallery lighting
  • Museum lighting
  • High-end retail lighting
  • Showroom lighting
  • Food display lighting
  • Medical surgery lighting
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Product Features

  • Superior CRI98 white light emitters
  • Tight 3SDCM bins at 2700K, 3000K and 2850K
  • Lux-on-Target™: Small emitter form factor delivers more punch in directional lighting
  • TIR lenses supported in a range of beam angles

    Individual R values of Gallery White CRI 98 and regular Warm White CRI 82


    Gallery White Spectral Power Distribution


    Gallery White Binning

    Tight 3SDCM bins at 2700K, 3000K and 2850K


    Data Sheets

    Gallery White
    Part Number Description Typical
    CCT CRI Min.
    LZ4-00GW08 LZ4 Gallery White 480 2700K, 2850K, 3000K 98
    LZ9-00GW00 LZ9 Gallery White 1085 2700K, 2850K, 3000K 98
    LZC-00GW00 LZC Gallery White 1400 2700K, 2850K, 3000K 98
    LZP-00GW00 LZP Gallery White 2800 2700K, 2850K, 3000K 98