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  • LED Emitters

    With LED Engin's LuxiGen Emitters you get unparalleled light density, control, quality and freedom. Bright light, tiny package, indeed.

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  • LuxiTune™

    LuxiTune is a single-emitter light engine capable of true blackbody dimming from 3000K to 1800K with easy-to-use 0-10V dimmers. LuxiTune includes a high flux-density emitter, driver board, and complementary TIR lens.

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  • Lenses

    Efficient, high brightness family of lenses provide high efficiency, high uniformity optics for LED Engin multi-color and white LEDs.

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  • ViviLux™

    ViviLux combines the high efficiency, high flux-density of new ViviLux emitter with the new, complementary TIR lenses to provide highly efficient, high lux-on-target sources for downlighting and accent lighting fixtures.

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