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Unique Packaging

LuxiGen innovation begins with the patented high-power density package design. The multi-layer ceramic substrate is CTE matched with the die providing a stress-free environment to maximize power density and reliability. The unique die attach process minimizes thermal resistance allowing our products to be driven reliably at higher currents. These design features combine to enable our compact, multi-die, high flux density product families.

For our white products, the high precision phosphor deposition process improves color uniformity and enhances the lumen maintenance and color stability over time.

The interlocking glass lens caps off the robust package design providing a barrier resistant to contamination and degradation.

Color Point Stability

Color Temperature uniformity is important both initially and over time. LuxiGen technology platform is proven to minimize the shift in CCT over time with color point stability shifts of less than 0.001 duv - 7x better than demanded by Energy Star requirements! With LuxiGen emitters, you have the confidence that the white color will be constant over the life of the product.

Lumen Maintenance

The stress-free package design and selection of materials make LuxiGen products the most robust and reliable products available. Because of the low thermal resistance, the LED die can be driven harder than competing products while staying below Tj maximums and with L70 estimates between 70,000 and 100,000 hours.

LED Emitters

The highest efficacies in the smallest packages providing industry leading flux densities.

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Superior brightness family of lenses provide high efficiency and high uniformity optics.

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