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The LuxiGen Platform

Innovation starts with our Luxigen Platform, an emitter and lens or integrated module system. The small size, yet remarkably powerful output, allows for a previously unobtainable freedom of design wherever high-flux density, directional light is required.

  • LED Emitters

    With LED Engin's LuxiGen Emitters you get unparalleled light density, control, quality and freedom. Bright light, tiny package, indeed. Browse LED Emitters

  • Lenses

    High efficiency, high precision family of custom TIR lenses provide maximum quality lumens in the beam. Browse Lenses

Customer benefits

The LuxiGen Platform provides designers and engineers the building blocks to create seamless lighting experiences with high power density designs- from innovative architectural spaces to specialty curing and industrial lighting sources our customers achieve several advantages by working with our LuxiGen Platform:

1. Gain access to the most advanced high-power LED packaging technology, emitters, and light source modules.

2. Achieve record product development time and accelerate their time to market through close collaboration with LED Engin's fast-moving and highly talented technical team that supports customers as top priority.

3. Reduce light source size and cost by using high density, ultra-compact LED Engin products.

Experience it for yourself with our Luxline of replacement lamp and module products- all built exclusively with our Luxigen Platform.

System Economy

LuxiGen innovation begins with the patented high-power density package design. The multi-layer ceramic substrate is CTE matched with the die providing a stress-free environment to maximize power density and reliability. The unique die attach process minimizes thermal resistance allowing our products to be driven reliably at higher currents. These design features combine to enable our compact, multi-die, high flux density product families.

For our white products, the high precision phosphor deposition process improves color uniformity and enhances the lumen maintenance and color stability over time.

The interlocking glass lens caps off the robust package design providing a barrier resistant to contamination and degradation.

Easy Integration

Not only are our emitters and modules compact and powerful, but they are also incredibly easy to work with and integrate into your application.

With a complete range of solid state lighting options- emitters, optics, modules and lamps- and a wide range of whites and colors, as well as power levels and beam distributions, our solutions enable rapid and cost effective development of fixtures, lamps, and specialty products without compromising light density, quality, control, or freedom.

Together, with our expert support staff, no one offers a better return on investment for your solid-state lighting application.